Bodhisattva 2 pen set

Loiminchay’s Bodhisattva
2 pen set is its third and most ambitious collection in Buddhism theme.

Covered from cap to barrel with supreme grade, extremely detailed, and very three dimensional Maki-e painting, it’s imagery is from the Chinese Dazu Rock carvings. Such carvings were a work in progress for more than a millennium.

One of the most accomplished carvings in this cove is the Thousand-arm Avalokitesvara (Guanyin), our Maki-e artist not only painted resemblance of a thousand arms/ hands in different poses, he also built up the surface so each arm/hand is raised from the barrel. Bodhisattva sets a new high standard in Loiminchay’s Supreme Maki-e work.

Limited Edition
18 pieces worldwide.